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Thanks you all.... Yesterday I decide to take the chance and try to remove the feed neck,I started by drilling a hole true the feed neck very close to the edge this way if i couldn't unscrew it can easily be hide with the hopper elbow,next i boiled water and submerge the body for 5 min. pic the body with a towel and use a screw driver true the hole as a lever and guess what it moves very tight so more boiling 7 to 10 min and repeat the screw driver on the hole and counter clock wise it completely unscrew now its a mater of time to finish my stock class project I have pics of the process but I'm no computer friend and dont know how to load on this site...I'll ask my son for help or if any of you can tell me..... Some thing else I can built it with the phantom horizontal feed on the side or with the horizontal on top only on top will require some extra milling no problem but I will not like to cut the pump handle and use only one arm but if is the only way who nows[IMG][/IMG]

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