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need hopper mod help, Doneish video added

i have this little pistol that shoots .40 cal blowgun paintballs. I have put a spyder rocking trigger on it. Now its insane. i get like 70 shots from a 12 gram and need a loader to keep up if possible. the ideas i had were to get a blowgun and mod it to function like a springfeed. this would have very limited paint for such a fast trigger. Where could i get a spring for that? would it provide the needed feed rate? Other thought was to mod a Kingman .50 Rapid E-Loader. now i need a way to make the ID smaller in the raceway and perhaps shim the paddles or what have you, i havent actualy seen the design of this hopper but ill need a way to prevent binding. A chop in this gun would be a nightmare on the field. i think a pistol cleaning swab might do as a squeegee but id rather avoid it. Thanks in advance
*EDIT i added pictures so you can see the problem with feeding this. ill need to funnel them in. this is a .68 setup with a few mods to make it .40
EDIT* video added
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