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Originally Posted by Reloadro View Post
Anybody have an opinion on the quality if the stock barrel? Is it a no brainer "replace it", like a tippmann or something, or is it "good barrel, but just too big of a bore and too short" like an axe? I probably going to snag one of these in the next day or two; I'm no sure whether I should leave it stock, get a new ion ifit back and keep the barrel, or just get a new cp barrel (or maybe a deadly winds if I have enough beers before I start clicking around online)
I agree with freak boring. I've done this on several of my SP/GOG stock barrels.

Originally Posted by liverlip View Post
I had my stock eNMEy barrel bored for Freak inserts. I had a Freak kit already.
Same here with having a freak kit. I have used this barrel in multiple games and never changed to a different barrel.

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