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Originally Posted by pk5 View Post
Benoit use to sell them before all the other companies jump on board:

Warlock Pro Connect III pre-order

Maybe he can tell you who it is from.
Can't help, I could have bought them but I didn't have enoufh people to buy half my minimum. Also not all re-brand are 'rip off' I mean many time it just a rebranding of the same product. I think in the end Guerilla was supplying it for many.

Stabauli was the original
Psiwork modified it for paintball
Some were rebranded psiwork
Then you got the copycats :P

Rebranding is huge in paintball, ninja regs supplyed a tons of regulator to other company brands.

See would you sell small quantity to dealers across or would you supply hundred of units to one in exchange of calling it own brand? Sure you can do both.

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