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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post
Another thought this a closed-bolt rollout kind of marker? Should I be on the lookout for a tighter bore Spyder barrel?
I haven't had any rollout problems with the stock barrel on mine so far; I've thought about seeing if I can get it Freak bored just to be sure. I've looked around for even a .685 or so 20" Spyder threaded barrel and have had no luck.

I have one of the older Airow guns and on a 50# pull bow I get 220-230 fps. I actually contacted Airow gun about getting some replacement screws and they said I could send it in for an update to newer specs and I'll get more fps out of it. Haven't sent it in yet, but I really should.

Originally Posted by Crashkt90 View Post
Buy a release dont use your fingers to draw.
I've actually found that I like using just my fingers to draw. It's a bit faster one the draw that way.
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