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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
The problem with that is the parts I'm making need a different diameter hole drilled in each side, one side gets a hole for a 1/4-28 thread, the other a 1/8 NPT thread. So at some point it needs to be flipped and the final product is short, just an inch to inch and a half. Final diameter has to be 1/2" max or it won't fit where it's intended to be installed. I could conceivably just leave a 1" portion of it that I leave in 5/8 and hacksaw it off at the end but I feel like with the particular lathe in question it'll be harder to get it chucked up straight with that short of a piece actually making contact with the chuck, if that makes any sense. Would also waste a lot of material that way. Material that's already more expensive then the same length 1/2" stock.

And yes, this will be getting turned at lower speed, I have no reason or desire to be turning this at 3200 RPM or anything stupid like that. I'm an amateur, not an idiot.
Are you Sure of that number?? I think you better check that again or you will have some very unhappy customers lol. Unless you are making something other than what I am thinking of.

I would just make a bushing. do all the turning and external threading first, part it off. Flip it, face it, through drill for porting and then drill the npt port. the npt port may not be perfectkly in line with the body but its pipe thread, it really wont make a huge difference. Try and find an npt fitting that actually goes in perfectly straight. the ones from china don't lol.
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