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Well, apologies for the misinformation. I didn't mean to bash Kee.
Those regs did work good for me for about 4 years, but then all developed leaks somewhere internally which I couldn't service myself since, as I found out later, they applied about a 1/4 cup of red loctite to the two main sections.

All I know is that when the regs started leaking I contacted Guerrilla Air to service them. They told me that Air America didn't make those regs and to talk to Kee. Kee said they would service them for 39.95 or something outrageous like that.

What made me the most pissed is that the design was really not meant to be user serviceable, and after having an Air America Apocalypse and other regs throughout my paintball career and learning the ins and outs of Air America stuff, here was a cheap knock off that I would basically have to throw away. So that experience just taught me to make sure that all my future regs I bought were completely user serviceable, because really, changing an o-ring shouldn't cost 39.95.
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