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so it really is like the PBN of the photography world. Except PBN replace high end cameras with high end markers and the same attitude prevails across both sites. I guess I've tried to follow the photographers gear buying mantra of glass before body. So I shoot an XTi that i picked up used for a complete amazing deal and I paired with a 50mm 1.8, 40mm 2.8 70-210 F4 and then my kit lens which I never use and last but not least a 28-105 USM II. Not a crazy L glass super pro 1DX setup by any means but I look at my gear and I look at the pictures I've taken using it and honestly I look at some of these guys shooting still moving objects with a 1DX which honestly seems to only have 1 thing over say a 7D or more aptly a 5D series and that is burst speed.

I get the feeling over there that a LOT of guys on that board are still stuck in the more MP means better rut it's like are you serious? if i was to drop the $1400 and buy a 70-200 2.8L IS I could take pictures just as crazy sharp as guys with a 1DX the body would make no difference.

I also remember CJ was saying one of the most well known professional photogs (name escapes me at the moment) actually shoots with an XTi and I almost want to find the guy post pictures of his in a thread and have people guess what he used without looking at EXIF. Then I'd just love to tell them surprise holes he uses an XTi and could run you guys into the ground.

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