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Originally Posted by C4 Explosives View Post
Anyways, maybe out of boredom i'll design an SL-68III and kick it to Tippmann for giggles, but in the meantime I still say that the SL-68II Gen2 is a great nod to the original and with a good barrel (Palmers) is a solid starter/intermediate pump platform. These guns are really hard to kill and they have very few internal components which are easily replaceable. Also didn't mention that in the rare case of a paint break they can be swabbed very easily with a rubber swab without having to strip anything from the gun, can't do that with a trracer/phantom.
Auch, as a manufacturing professional I wish they had just called it the "SL-68III" to begin with. Freakin' "new A-5," or the "new SL-68II," just add a Roman numeral so I can track it with a syllable or two.

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