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Consider that my experience is new with these; but what I've found so far with the Trilly is that you will need both a Cocker spring kit (all but the valve spring) and Spyder spring kit (loong springs for the valve) if you plan on tuning/messing with both the valve and hammer springs. I have tinkered with my Spyder Hammer's springs with the springs in a Cocker kit; but don't recall which springs it was I was swapping in. I do remember that the cocker spring was a little longer than the spring it replaced.

I have two slide frames right now, one with an Extreme Paintball roller trigger and sear, and a conventional chromed trigger plate and sear. After setting the tolerance in the adjustment screws on the Benchmark frame with the conventional guts, the difference in how smooth the pull is is negligible compared to the other frame with the roller guts. This was judged messing around at home, looking for a difference. I'd imagine in the middle of a game, I couldn't tell you the difference at all.
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