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Originally Posted by destro7976 View Post
To be fair, you did post this in the CCI subforum so it may be biased toward the Phantom. I have said this on more than one occasion but I don't mind saying it again... I have owned phantoms, Grey Ghosts, Carter Buzzards, a MiniComp, box gun, even a Gargoyle, and while they are all great markers they have all been sold except two Grey Ghosts. Are they perfect... No but they are not far away. The only real advantage to the Phantom is options which you said you weren't interested in, and the Ghost does not really need to be changed if you want a good VSC set up. It has a great slide trigger, better stock internals than the phantom ( phantom owners drop lapco internals in their phantoms as an upgrade), and a pump stroke almost as smooth as a Carter, and it has an anti-rollout detent that phantom users have to add as an aftermarket mod. I guess I don't really see why anyone would choose a Phantom except for the afore-mentioned options...
I knew posting this question in the CCI forum, I would get a bias towards Phantoms. But figured there would be enough players here that would give me a wide variety of options.

In regards to the GG, is that why I hardly ever see any used ones for sell? Other than the lack of customization (compared to a Phantom) are there any negatives to one?

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