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Originally Posted by zacgodwin View Post
if the ******* wasnt twice his size i doubt it would have went down like that. talking about "excuse me sir i do believed you are urinating on my car. Would it bother you terribly to stop?"
That's how people in the UK fight.

"Sir, I believe you are urinating on my vehicle. May I kindly ask you to cease said urination?"

"Oh, please do excuse me, kind sir. I'm terribly sorry. I shall entertain your wish for me to stop urinating on this fine work of automotive craftsmanship."

And then they both proceed to the pub for a pint and some crumpets.
Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
"I wish they would stop patching my glory hole!"
"Check this out, each and every one of you. Compilation tape, of my own making. I call this the "Greatest Zooks Album". Featuring artists like, well I got some Hendrix on there, some Joplin, Mama Cass, Belushi... all great artists that asphyxiated on their own vomit!"


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