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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
Yea I just wouldn't play there.

No wonder airsoft is so popular in Canada lol.
Pricing examples in my area:

Gun Owners Pricing:
4 hour Field Pass, Unlimited Air, Insurance And
100 Premium Paintballs.
only $20 (+HST)

Gun Owners Paint Pricing:
100 Premium Paintballs for $7
500 Premium Paintballs for $30
2000 Premium paintballs for $100
Cheap Tuesdays:
Toonie Tuesdays
Walk-On Paintball from 5pm-9pm (or dusk)
No reservation required! Entry: $2 (cheap!)
Rental Equipment: $2
Paint: $8/100
This special runs from May until November
This event is field paint only
Flagswipe Paintball and Laser Combat - 519.642.0908

Indoor Reball (Paintball)

Reball is just like paintball, but it is less messy and way cheaper
-Adult Admission $39.95
-Student Admission $34.95
-Includes:Rental gear included (if needed):gun, mask, air tank
-Protective gear face mask and chest protector. (Bring your own gloves)
-UNLIMITED Ammo. That’s right. You can shoot as many balls as you can load.
(Pick up after your first 100). You will shoot 1000's of balls when it’s unlimited !!

Pay As You Go Outdoor

Admission: $20 per player (includes 100 paintballs)
Rental gear: $10 (gun, mask, tank)
Paintballs: $8.85/100 & $35.40 + tax/500 ($40.00 after taxes)

Bulk (BYO) Paint Admission

Admission: $40. Or get, Admission and a case $75
Rental Gear: $10 (gun, mask, tank)
*BYO paintballs are NOT allowed in rental guns
Bulk Paint: Starting at $45/2000
BYOP: No one without a BYOP pass is permitted to use off field paint. Yes; we check often. Yellow or white fill only. 100% peg fills only. Call to find out what paints are allowed.

Pricing Marker Owners
All Day admission & 500 paintballs $50.00
Additional Paintballs $15.00/100 $50.00/500
Free HPA & $4.00 C02 fills

Sunday Marker Owner Rates
1200 to 1800 hours & 500 paintballs $35.00
Additional Paintballs $10.00/100 $40.00/500
Free HPA & $4.00 CO2 Fills

Crazy Bill's:
Full Case of Paint Balls (2000 rounds) - $65.00

Half Case of Paint Balls (1000 rounds) - $45.00

Bag of Paint Balls (500 rounds) - $25.00

B.Y.O.P SPECIAL - Everyday $25.00/person
(Bring your own paint)
Pricing - Crazy Bills Paintball

I actually understand why CQB's pricing is higher. They're in the middle of Toronto and they have a pretty neat field that's fairly unique up here. The last kill run in this vid shows it off fairly well:

Crazy Bill's is the best bang for buck in my area.

What threading are you guys using for your trigger stops? 6-32?
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