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I had another opportunity to run the Enmey as a pistol last weekend. Actually, due to my (possibly subconscious) forgetting some equipment, I ran the Enmey all day, and it continued to impress.

As for the pistol play, we had a great time and it came down to another player and myself squaring off, my Enmey against his TPX, which he is good with. In the end it was a double elimination from us more or less charging each other. I made my shot on the run and firing one handed. This is the second time I've made a shot that way, and I'm not saying that to boast about my own skills, by any means. What I am trying to say, is just how well the Enmey works and points in a pistol configuration.

Again, my set up is a freak barrel with a short tip, angled stock class feed, running a 13/3k off the stock asa. I will say that I think the small tank is positioned, for me at least, so that it acts as kind of a brace against my forearm, helping to steady the marker. I continue to eagerly await Pistol Rogue's build, or anyone else who can figure out how to make this thing holster-able.

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