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Okay, I got to use my Enmey for the first time at an actual game today instead of just the backyard. I went to Battlefield Utah and while chronoing in for the morning part of the game, 273, 274, 271. Nice. The afternoon chrono readings came at 273, 272, 273. Very consistent.

The gun was light, quiet, fast, and pointed well. The shots were accurate and the trigger light (and I still haven't done the trigger stop mod yet).

I used my single finger Classic Automag for a small portion of the game in the afternoon but went back to the Enmey because it the trigger pull and gun weight were so much lighter and the air efficiency was pretty good. I don't have hard numbers as I topped off whenever I was near the air stations. In my backyard testing, I tested the gun on a tank that was far too empty to cycle the mag.
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