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Just an idea.

I guess this is the place to put this idea.

So, the other day I was like, hmm, I wonder if shoebox shocker internals would fit in a merlin extrusion. I did some research and asked some questions and found that the lower tube assembly would not fit, as it is thicker than the merlin extrusion would allow. So I thought about an mq valve in the lower tube and a shocker bolt assembly in the upper. Since the shocker bolt assembly has an integrated ram, there wouldn't be a need for an external one like normal cockers would have. Then you could use a solenoid to switch the ram back and forth, therefore actuating the bolt. Internal airways would probably have to be done straight through the bottom tube, as I can't think of another way for the solenoid to actuate the ram. An lpr would have to be put somewhere, maybe an internal lpr, such as an angel lpr? My thinking was that there wouldn't be anything sticking out the front so it would be quite ergonomic, same idea as the lv1. No stuff sticking out the front. Any input on if this could be possible? Yeah, yeah, lots of custom work would need to be done and it very well may be a failure and is quite a rough idea at this point but it sounds like quite and awesome idea to me. What do you guys think? Hopefully you guys get what I mean through this rather terrible explanation.

Once again, I'd like to emphasize that this is a very rough idea and it's roughness is shown through my explanation. :P

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