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Red dawn

Here's a small taste of what it's like when you're
trying to hold the 2 story church in Colleville when
the enemy attacks from all sides. This was filmed
a year ago, at the smaller RED DAWN game. At
D-Day the numbers are even greater as are the
odds of coming out alive.

Remember, you've got till May 1st before they
raise the entry fee for this event to $100.00. That
gets you nearly a FULL week of play, access to the
camp area and all the HPA you'll need. You'll also
find loads of vendors there looking to make some
killer deals, including;
Tiberius Arms
Ninja Air
T.C. Paintball
Enola Gaye
Engler Paintball Guns
Ultimate Paintball

Red Dawn 2012 Defend the Church - YouTube&fs=1" width="644" height="390">Red Dawn 2012 Defend the Church - YouTube&fs=1" />Red Dawn 2012 Defend the Church - YouTube"> Dawn 2012 Defend the Church - YouTube

Red Dawn 2012 Defend the Church - YouTube

D-Day, often copied but never duplicated.

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