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Originally Posted by Mootho View Post
Here's some data.


According to Excel, that's an average of 276.9 FPS, over 36 shots, not counting missing data. Sorry I don't know how to insert an Excel chart into MCB, but I find these numbers pretty nice ,in term of consistency and number of usable shot. I could have probable turned down the initial FPS, and gotten more, but these numbers seem pretty respectable to me.


With replacement of the no-reads values with the lower near them it gives me ~442 J/12g. Imho it is very, very good... but not the best. The top values look be now around 470 J/12g... but the difference is generally small - 30 J are ~3 full power shoots.

I will put your values in Excel table and make the graph later. Anyway thank you for the input.

Edited 30.4.2013:

But in the graph it looks more impressive - great consistency on relatively high velocity.

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