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Originally Posted by Phantom Flanker View Post
Railgun.. check this out..

3# Stock Vertical Adapter
4# 32degrees Vertical Adapter
5# Bob Long Vertical Adapter

#6- None of the above...

What I'm suggesting is a plug that looks like just the body plug right end ONLY of 3, 4 or 5 and that will directly let you attach the vertical adapter from a regular size autococker so that it points forward. This would produce a tighter assembly and it should be stronger since it's not depending on that little stub of the 1/8 NPT.

Let me see if I can photoshop something up or just sort of place the stuff in place to show you and get a picture tonight.

The other option that I want to try is just run if from a 3.5 oz mounted bottom line style and then play with it tank forward and tank back to see which I like best. And then run a 48 round hopper up top.
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