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Why are people so opposed to returns? Haven't you ever bought the wrong thing and sent it back / took it back to the store? If you don't want to deal with an occasional refund then I have to agree, just don't sell on ebay. It's a different venue and as a seller you're treated like a business. If you don't like this mentality and can't treat stupid customers in a fair and friendly manner then yes, you're better off just not selling there.

I also don't understand how you pay anything for it. You take the return based on your return policy. Mine is set to allow returns, buyer pays shipping. So they pay to ship it back. Once you receive it and issue the refund the ebay and paypal fees are reversed. You then hit the "relist" button and carry on. The only thing you're out is time.

I'll still argue that while people say that selling on forums is so much better that I've personally had a lot higher rate of "incidents" on forums (including MCB) than on ebay.

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