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So I found a BE Nightmare LB Comp at a gun show and it doesn't hold air

I found it sitting next to a few shotguns and rifles and asked the kid behind the table if it worked, of course he said yes. Its a LB Comp but the feedneck is missing, not a big deal since I can still use the stockclass feed tube. I get it home and put a 12g in it and it dumps it in seconds. Apparently it doesn't work... not a big deal since its in pretty damn good shape and the price wasn't terrible. Of course I tore it down immediately and then hopped on here and found out that's a bad idea. Still leaks after reassembly, I see that I should de-bur the lower tube, whats the recommended way? Orings I can find but I see that the main seals in the valve are a problem, is there anyone around that can point me in the right direction?

A feedneck would be awesome but thats not a big deal unless I get this thing running. Honestly I might just put a sight rail over the hole and use it in stock class form if I can get it going.

Obligatory pics:
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