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Finally Downgraded to Electro + Review.

Well it has been 18+years that I have been playing paintball.

I've had PGP's, Pro-Carbines, Model 98's, Spyders, etc. until I built my own Autococker from scratch at the turn of the millennium and got into some tourney play.. and for $1200-1300+ spent to custom build my own 'Cocker - I could have bought any electro I wanted back ~2000/01, Angels, Shockers, Intimidators, you name it!

I never wanted an electro because of
A) Style of play - I don't mind crossing streams to flank the opposing team... one time (the very reason I stayed mech ) I was crossing a thigh deep stream and fell into a hole submerging my entire Autococker + hopper for a good 10-15 seconds. Picked her back up, and she fired flawlessly for the rest of the game (3+ more eliminations + successful flank).

B) Something about shooting even the nicest Electro’s just feels bland/unrefined... Like driving an Automatic Corvette when you know how to drive stick-shift...

And now recently, I have been getting into Pistol play + dual wielding rifle/pistol to make the game that much more fun/satisfying/challenging....

But I recently got my girlfriend into the act... and I wanted to 'persuade her' to play more often, so I bought her a nice mask, and rationalized a new fun toy because it was the one of the lightest/most compact paintball guns out there for her...

So I went and bought a BT TM7 (Invert Mini in milsim garb)....


First Impressions:

I love how compact the TM7 is, plus it is licensed by HK to look like an MP7. This marker just looks awesome, unlike most other electro’s, which all look alike to me. (I can’t tell a Ego from a Matrix from a Mini unless I look really, really hard, and then ask the owner...) The TM7 actually stands out with it’s cool looks.

I built this marker setup to be hella fast/easy shooting + compact + light for my Girlfriend... and for myself when she doesn't play

It takes Autococker Barrels (one of the reasons I went with this over other markers) and I put an older 14" J&J Ceramic on there for accuracy. That and a new Rotor which I bought as a fun tech gadget (though unneeded) on my Autococker... the Rotor didn't fit, so I was able to rationalize buying a new gun to fit the hopper!

Anyways... I took it to the field, and...

It was very easy to go through lots of Paint. Normally, regardless of marker, I shoot ~1000 rounds a day. Suddenly this jumped up to ~1500 rounds using the Electro. And that was 'holding back'. It was EASIER to shoot, so I found myself dumping more paint, just because it felt good and was so easy to. Extra Firing modes are very fun at the range...

I've shot Angels + the like before, and I can say that the TM7's trigger is a bit 'squishy'. But still fine to play with, and I’ve heard it is 4 point adjustable, but have not felt the need to change it yet.

Size: Actually, my finely setup Autococker with same size barrel is SMALLER length than the TM7 setup… but the TM7 is much much lighter, making it that much easier to maneuver. And it was much easier to dual wield (I've been dual wielding Pistol+Rifle lately)...

For size comparison, here is the TM7 w 35ci tank vs my Aucococker with 68ci tank + same size barrels.

Sound: The gun itself was about as quiet as my Autococker with same barrel, so that is good.

Battery: The battery that came with the TM7 (energizer) only lasted about 1300 rounds, so when the battery starting going dead, I switched back over to the Autococker for a few games. First time dealing with ‘running out of battery’ on any marker. But, the TM7 is a cinch to change the battery, slide back a compartment and the battery falls out into your hand.

Accuracy: the TM7’s accuracy was good, but noticeably not as accurate as my Autococker (which is more accurate because it is a heavier/more stable shooting platform + closed bolt + Autococker pixies that come stock with every Autococker )

Efficiency: I used a 35ci Ninja nitro tank, and got roughly 480-500 rounds off a full fill, which is more than I EVER carry into a game, so that is fine by me.

Other thoughts:

The upper Picatinny rail is basically useless as the hopper fills that entire space.

I didn’t use the extendible stock, rather I used the Ninja tank I bought as a stock, so I left the markers stock in all the way so I could be that much more tighter into the bunkers. When I do some maintenance and open the TM7 up, I intend on removing the stock entirely.

The folding fore-grip was an awesome addition, but I found I only extended it to use as a fore-grip when in a prone position (laying down). Otherwise, I left it folded, and held onto the area as a normal rifle. The grip when folded still made for a very comfortable hand hold, my left hand would rest on the folded grip, with my fingers wrapping around the side/upper Picatinny rails. Holding it like this felt very much like holding a Battle-Rifle from Halo!

The Reg started @ 200psi (stock) but crept up to 250-270 after half a day of play. Knowing the reg was just getting ‘broken in’, I readjusted reg back down to 190-200psi, and she stayed there set for the rest of the day. Add to that I also noticed the ~1mm the ASA moves in relation to the gun (as I've read in reviews), but it’s not noticeable in play at all... only upon scrutiny.

All in all, this electro will be taking the place of my main rifle (Autococker) for the following reasons:
a) I can leave the tool kit in my car.
b) I can really unload when I actually need to.
c) I love the ‘battle-rifle’ MP7 feel/look of this gun.

My new setup…

Now to the part I’m sure some scoffed at...


I consider an electro a downgrade because the rate of fire CAN compensate for lack of other skill (in movement, stealth, AIMING).

I find that when newer players are introduced to the sport through electro’s, they tend to sit back and spray and pray.

To learn with a mech semi or Pump teaches you the value of movement and positioning that much better.

But put an electro in the hands of a seasoned paintball venarius (Cheers to Dirty Dan! Cant find original link, but here is most of it copied = Become a Paintball Predator )... and you have yourself quite the soldier.

See you on the field!
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