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[QUOTE=CarmatechEng;2682800]DSA: This is a loaded question! As a player what is your role? If your a sniper that always uses FS rounds, the bolt action 20" will give you the most consistant shot to shot repeatablitly. Our beta testers as well as our in house testing has found that this combination gives us a repeatability of plus minus 1 FPS from shot to shot. From our testing this is what we found was needed to be repeatable on targets at range. The drawbacks to this combination are relatively slow shot per minute (bolt action) and the barrel will shoot regular paint; however it over rotates a paintball thus causing amplified spin drift. On the other hand the 16" (or 14" plus tip) can handle both rounds. The range/ accuracy is substantially decreased, however you may not need that. The sniper version can drop down to the CQC version, and vise versa. We have also manufactured some AR15 forgrip adapters that allow for mounting of any free floating ar15 system to the rifle. One last note the gun is cocker threaded, and we are working on making a barrel mount that would accept A5 threads as well. That will probably be mid summer release. Thanks for the interest[/QUOTE

I want to start off by congratulating you on the sniper competition win. I also want to say that those velocity numbers for the SAR12 are indeed impressive. I do, however, want to offer another opinion on the respective accuracy of the Carmatech 20" Hammerhead barrel when tested against the shorter 14" Hammerhead barrel. In particular, I am referring to Hammerhead's Mojo barrel.

I will also admit to a bias. Going into the testing I had a strong belief that the 20" Hammerhead barrel would outperform its shorter brethren. In some quick, initial testing at short range (25 yards), it appeared to me that the longer barrel was going to be the better of the two. Actually, I was quite excited by that prospect. As my testing proceeded, however, the hope that I would see increased accuracy was not born out. Over about a 6-8 week period, I put approximately a thousand rounds of first strike through a number of barrels including the long and short Hammerhead barrels. The final part of this testing involved firing both Hammerhead barrels from a CCM SR1 at a target 47 yards downrange. The testing was done inside to eliminate the wind variable and the gun was clamped to a Caldwell Lead Sled for consistency. The gun velocity was checked with a Clock chronograph. The 20" Carmatech/Hammerhead barrel is a good one and accurate, however, I found the 14" Mojo was substantially more accurate shooting much tighter groups.

I haven't shot the SAR12 and I am sure it is a very fine weapon, but I don't agree with statement that a user will find that using the shorter Hammerhead will result in accuracy that will be "substantial decreased."

I have to presume that the barrel will become widely available after the SAR12s are released. I am throwing my observations out there not because I want to, in any way, denigrate the SAR12, but instead because I think that shooters should keep an open mind on the relative merits of these barrels and not accept a blanket assertion that using the longer barrel will automatically result in substantially better accuracy. Don't accept my testing as the final answer either; do your own. My suggestion is that players should test them side by side for themselves using their own guns. Of course, adding all that extra barrel length definitely makes a gun look sexier, but it also makes the gun much heavier and less maneuverable in the field.

If you know me or have read my stuff, then you also know that I am a long-range shooter and that all I care about is accuracy, not brand names. I use what works best. For my purposes, the results were crystal clear. If you saw me last weekend at Supergame then you also saw that it was that little Mojo barrel that was just peeking out of the end of the Daniel Defense Rail on my SR1.

Just food for thought.
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