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Here's the story line


NorthWest Paintball Park

Here's the game format for Kitsplat.
We'll play three games, Two games of "Bounty Hunter" and one game of "Shoot the Ref"

Bounty Hunter:
We'll play two games in the woods with total points deciding the winning team in each game. Team with the highest combined score wins the right to participate in a special raffle.

Characters will play as Medics or Outlaws.
Medics will rez normal players, allowing everyone to stay in play more, with shorter walks to get rezed.
Outlaws will be collecting points at various locations in the woods.

A limited amount of a special color Bounty Hunter paint will be available to each team, players can swap a bag of field paint for Bounty Hunter paint. Outlaws, if hit by bounty hunter paint, change sides, taking the points they've already collected in that game with them!

Shoot the Ref:
We'll have a team of refs on the challenge field. Everyone will be invited to take a turn trying eliminate a ref. If you eliminate a ref, you get to take one of their prizes. The refs get the keep what they don't lose.

If you have any questions about the game format, special rules, or getting special paint. Ask me.
- Irish (Mike O'Hare)
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