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Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post

Why not just buy more magazines and some glue at this point? Or a system like my Beretta that snaps two existing mags end to end? Sorely disappointed; I was hoping for something that let me have 20rds of FirstStrike in my pocket that could be unleashed real fast without reloading... Why is this so hard I wonder? It's been a few years let's see some growth.
Because that option takes up twice as much pouch space as what they're doing here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely sold on the idea, but for guys who want to keep a low profile, this puts 20 rounds in the same horizontal space as 7 rounds in a normal mag when it comes to building your rig. So someone whose rig uses one of those Tuff pouches that carries 8 mags, now has 160 rounds instead of 56. And the only penalty is height, which is what, maybe 2 inches more than a standard mag? That's not too shabby. Also takes up less space in the dump pouch and it's still faster to reload a mag you just took out of a gun than one you're drawing from a pouch. So it definitely has it's advantages. I'm still worried about dirt and moisture access with the secondary chamber though.

I'll have to wait for them to get into peoples' hands and hear some reviews but I'd be willing to revisit a TPX rig if these are everything they're intended to be.
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