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Originally Posted by dm6rocker View Post
I think I'm staring at the same rail system you are, Donut. I really like the way that diamond milling looks, very unique. And the price on some of those foregrips is pretty reasonable.

I have a round YHM on my SR1 now but I'm not a fan of the way it looks, I like the one you're looking at a lot better. I'm also digging this one, from Parallax Tactical...


I think one of those two rails, MOE grip, UBR stock, and a Killjoy APR2 will round out my SR1. I picked up a TruGlo fixed 4x Red/Green illuminated crossbow scope from Dick's Sporting goods on the cheap, and I actually rather like the reticle design so I'll keep it on there for the time being. I just need a chance to put some FS rounds through it for once.
why you no link to this awesome piece of aluminum sex?
SOL, outnumbered, one paintball per person should do the trick
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