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eNMEy. Vert Cocker. Gen2 SFL. 09 SFL.

Not playing for a while. Clearing some stuff out before I move. Prices listed are firm. I have zero problem keeping any of these guns.

No trades.


Vert Feed Cocker. PE Hinge. Palmer's LPR. 1 Piece .688 UL Barrel. No idea on the rest of it. $250

Now the first of my prize guns that I don't want to part with, but everything has a price.

Gen2 SFL. Brand new CCM Kit, 09 ST Frame. ST Valve. ST Reg and ASA. ST Bolt. UL Barrel bored for Freak Inserts.
$700 firm. Yes, it's drilled. No I don't want to sell, but if someone wants it, that's the price.

09 SFL. This is my single most prized possession of anything I've had. But like I said everything has a price, and this one is priced accordingly to what it's worth to me.
$2500. Firm.

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