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Value about 400.

If you use a CCM frame and CCM internals it will feel darn close to a T2 or any CCM gun. You will not be able to use the CCM hammer and IVG because of the karnivor ICS system, unless you drill out the back block and use a standard cocking rod. When I got mine the back block was drilled out and I used full CCM internals on it. I have recently replaced the back block, IVG and Hammer to stock karnivor and it shoots the same.

You will have to switch out the frame and get a drilled pump arm and a Auto trigger cam arm if you want it to have Auto Trigger like a CCM does.

Cost to get it close to equal to a T2 about $212 in parts plus shipping.
CCM frame $88
CCM internals $66
CCM mini pump arm drilled for AT $20
CCM Auto trigger cam arm $38

Pic of my Karnivor below to see what I'm talking about.
Titanium Karnivor Pump: CCM LWAL Pump Kit w/ AT, CCM 86* frame with reverse drop and on/off, CCM Internals, CCM Fittings, CP shorty Reg, CP detent

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