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Waiting on GoD.
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I cant feel sorry for Gamestop lol.... they would buy my game for $5 and sell it back for $30+.

Employees yes... Corporation no. But they see the trends. They knew it is / was coming. What are you doing in the meantime to stay current? I have no clue.

Oh the other reason why I said they are going to shift immediately (or shortly thereafter)to next gen titles is because the last installment of these consoles were 2005/2006. Prior to that the next gen was in play every ~5 years (Playstation 2 = 2000, Playstation 3 = 2006 / Xbox = 2001, Xbox 360 = 2005....I think). These platforms are long overdue. The economic crisis put the freezer hold on releasing them.

They are hoping to monetize these as quickly as possible with the assumption that we all are craving badly the newer consoles and would switch over as quickly as possible.

The only way they can do that is with releasing content and phasing out the old gen games / support.
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