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Failed paintball products?

In the earlier thread about .50 cal markers, I started wondering about the long line of products our little "cottage industry" sport has made over the years, that just didn't quite catch on.

Scratch that, I mean the ones that failed miserably.

I recall an old issue of some paintball magazine, where a press release was showing off a new harness- instead of individual 10-round tubes which were the style at the time, it carried whole 45-round "ammo box" loaders. You replaced the entire loader, instead of topping it up. (Admittedly they were cheap blow-molded loaders, not like they were today's Halos or anything, but still... )

Or JT's motocross-style goggle tear-offs. Good idea for getting rid of splatter, but could also get rid of an entire hit, too. I think JT yanked those after just a couple months.

What else has crashed into flaming wreckage?

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