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Originally Posted by SOGAmember666 View Post
Both apartments I've lived in at Fort Benning have had one cable company per zone. Last place I stayed at was $137 a month for 10mb internet, and a little over basic cable.

I swapped to Netflix and Hulu and am pretty happy. I don't watch a crap ton of TV anyway. I do miss Top Gear on BBCA though, but I can always watch it online.
Ahhh so you have the net but not TV (before everyone jumps down my throat about how he's posting, I've posted about a quarter of stuff on forums from my phone, and used to post probably probably another quarter from the workplace).

That's no joke either, I'm barely under $100 for basic cable and 25/50 internet due to a 20% discount. My thought was you didn't have a sufficient home internet connection, at which point you would not be able to play any game at all (even single player campaign) because you could not load it without verifying your purchase on LIVE.
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