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Originally Posted by Ein_Windir View Post
I shot some at LL6 in my TGR2. I compared the FPS of the 1-2-1 to FSR and it was a big difference. The FSR were at 260-270 FPS and the 1-2-1 were at 380-390 FPS. I was using my hammerhead barrel and the largest spring.
So still not the "final product" then?

- if there is a 120 FPS difference they are roughly weighing in still at the 1.97 vs 3.2 ish 121 vs FSR weight difference

- with the ASTM max weights by volume set at I believe
43 caliber – 0.90 grams
50 caliber – 1.40 grams (assuming that your paint even weighs that much)
55 caliber – 1.70 grams
121 @ 1.97ish currently or 2.3 source dependent

62 caliber – 2.50 grams
FSR @ 3.2ish +/1

68 caliber – 3.50 grams
They would have to almost add another 50 cal rounds worth of weight to get close to what the FSR is at. This is assuming since they are "adding" a fin system to 50 cal paint that they have to adhere to those same guidelines.

This could also have some bearing on the use of these IMO and also has a "fill" volume of 68 vs 50
Originally Posted by AGD
Hello Everyone,

First of all, I have actually PLAYED with 50 cal back in the day using Budd's Sniper. In the 80's 50 cal held the same hope it does today, a way to sell cheaper paint and get more of it in the gun. Back then it was a double bonus since a 12 gram would fire a whole lot more 50's than 68's. As you can imagine, the 50 had piss poor accuracy and didn't break. It was quickly given up on along with 62 cal. promoted by Tippmann.

My read of the story tells me something different that I will SPECULATE on. Richmond sold his company from what I understand, and likely has a specific non-compete. The 50 cal ball probably gets around this and this could be the major motivation. I know personally because we have the same thing between Pepper Ball and FN, in our case the weight of the ball makes the difference.

I have to think that as you have already speculated, they took the ability to make fragile paint and mixed in a heavy fill to get a small 3.3 gram paintball. This should in fact be more accurate and fly farther at the same velocity. The reduction in frontal area is a big plus and the issues with a smaller ball and vortex shedding should not negate all of those gains.

The big trick will be to see if they break well. With a 50 you are distributing the energy no matter what over a smaller area. The smaller shape of the ball makes it inherently harder to break all things being equal. I don't think you can go much thinner in the paint shell and still be able to seal it together so they are probably making the shell tensile strength weaker. By my estimations they will hurt more with 3.3 grams at 300 fps.

The fill will absolutely be the most challenging part hands down. I calculated that a 50 has .07 cu inch of fill against the 68 at .16. So a bit better than 2-1. In order to make a heavier 50, you have to come up with a NON-TOXIC fill that's TWICE as heavy. This is no easy task. Most liquids hover around a specific gravity of 1-1.5 ish. There are liquids that get up to 2.0 but they are all toxic that I know of. We used liquids to 3.0 in the early 90's when we were investigating paintball accuracy and I still have the stuff today because you can't throw it away.

So here is the specific problem the way I see it. In order to up the weight of the fill you have to put some type of particle in it. Ground rock, powdered metal (bismuth) etc. We went down this road, the problem was that we could never inject a slurry through a needle without the needle plugging up no matter what we did. Eventually we gave up and put the powder in first and the fluid in after. Today's gelatin machines absolutely depend on a needle injecting the fluid into the ball as it pinches off the seam. I am dying to see how they accomplish this but Richmond has some pretty smart people around him.

Other problems you don't think about are things like the size of the holes in the mask. A 50 can squeeze through a pretty small hole in a rubber mask guard. My question is who is going to build a motorized hopper for these guns???

The can fit way more holes in the drum of the gelatin machine so the output per hour per machine will probably be more than double having an impact on cost. The fill has to add to the price so we will see how it shakes out. Remember to calculate the price per POUND of 50 vs 68 paintballs to see if there was really an economic advantage.

- Spinning an "inferior" (lighter, weight distribution etc etc) product at $30/100
using 68 cal with an APEX at $40 (onetime) + $60/2k
just spending the money on the FSR

- making me wonder if this is going to work out like Hydrotec


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I translated this as: Scenario games are popular with overshooting douchebags raging on cocaine and steroid cocktails while roasting puppies and punching babies. Stay home unless you enjoy impromptu fistfights.

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