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So is the price to high for the new Empire autoFocker???? Prices sourced from Compulsive and Paintball Gateway all new parts

Now granted some of these parts are made in the USA.

This is not including screws, fittings, Hose, ect. so add 10.00 to the total. $707.00

Sure we could build a used one for less......but for what you get it is a good deal with a warranty and a new box with tools and spare parts.

Ram Belsales49.95
3way Belsales34.95
Sear Roller Belsales24.95
Feed Neck Clamping CCM24.95
Lower Tube parts (Valve, Hammer Springs) Check-it59.95
Body WGP Black Magic PB-Gateway(annoed)99.95On sale
front Block7.95
Bolt with pin Check-It39.95
3way rod5.95
Bottom line ASA CP44.95
Frame Complete WGP slider69.95
Barrel Kit (J&J started kit)95.00
Reg WGP black magic59.95
Bolt sled19.95
Pump arm7.95
TOTAL rounded to the dollar697.00

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