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Ok, it's time to either jump onboard or stand back as this
train is pulling out. It's Sunday morning June 2nd, which
means advanced elements of both sides are just a couple
days away from pulling into the D-Day Park's camping area.

Their first mission will be to trim the grass in their designated
camp area, as well as mark it off. Once they've accomplished
that they'll start walking the field to see what's new in the
way of roads, trails and buildings. As more members of each
unit arrive some will set up field kitchens, while others keep
an eye as the vendors start setting up shop. By this time next
Sunday the entire camp will be a buzz with activity in
anticipation of the first mini scenario Monday morning, the
10th. After that things kick up a notch each day as units start
running daily field hikes to insure everyone knows their way
around. Each night the number of players around the camp
fires will grow and by Wednesday the entire 100 acre camp
area will sport a variety of large fireworks vendor sized tents,
campers, RV's, and small pup tents. Wednesday is when they
stage the Obstacle Course and somewhere in between some
players will find time to take part in an off site Real Steel
Machine Gun Shoot, as well as in a 3 gun match sponsored
by Tippmann. Thursday brings two more mini events as
well as a insane night game. Then before you know it it's
Friday and you start to ask yourself where the week has
gone, but there's no time to dwell on that as you'll be
busy forming up for the parade and the opening ceremony.
Then on Friday night the sealed packets with the unit's
orders will be opened and everyone will get to see where
they're going to be start the main event. Then it's
0900 and the game is on and before you know it it's
1700. The final horn sounds and it's time to tally the
points and gather one last time at the stage for the
word on who won. For many the day isn't over, cause
it's time to finish packing as they have to make the
trip back so they can be at work on Monday, but
for some it'll be time to either party and toast one
another, or to cry in their beer. Then, in just a week
or so the whole process will start all over again for
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