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Improving the grade away from the house - Community Forums

A French drain would be a lot of digging. How much land are you talking about around the house?

The easiest things to check first is if you have gutters and ground extenders that drain a few feet from the house. The next thing to check is if they are clean so they work.

Get a 4 foot level from Harbor Freight so you can see where the grade needs to be improved. Take pictures of the yard and around the house during the next heavy rain so you can see how large an area needs to be fixed and where the water naturally goes.

Is it possible that the sump pump was replaced with a smaller unit and really needs a larger one?
My gutters work and they drain ok but I'm basically a catchment for 3 houses of about 5000 sq ft behind me.

I have about 12 ft behind my house before the garden slopes up steeply and half of that is a deck. If I was to pull the deck up to slope the soil, I'd just stick in french drains. The non-deck side is where the issue really is - it's like walking on a sponge after a heavy rain.

There was no pump when I moved in, I am considering putting in a second pump just for some level of redundancy.
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