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I doubt it, it's on three for three with the same stamp. If you look at some of the others that aren't paintballers you'll see that some of them have dots on both sides too.
Of the 7 paintball guy lego men all of the 7 packs have the two dots on the lower right corner, on the \ angle ... The dots are more pronounced then the little single dot i foind on one pack on the left,almost as a mistake or flaw in the package.. The intentional dots can be seen on both the front and back of the package and are larger then the single dot i found on one paintballer pack,which the single dot on the left was smaller and could not be seen through the back of the package like the others on all 8 packages I got..

The roman also had two dots on the lower right corner but those two dots were on an opposite angle of the dots on the paintballers package.. On the romans the dots were on the / angle.. And also had no dots on the lower left of the package.
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