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Way overpriced Crosman 3357s (but they are super rare and valuable!)

RARE Vintage Crosman 3357 Spotball Marker Paintball 50 Caliber | eBay

Looks like it's in very bad shape, lots of parts missing, would need a lot of work (but bidding starts at the hefty price of $199).

...and what is with the FREE SHIPPING, but in the description it says this:

"Shipping supplies will be charged to buyer like bubble wrap, tape, peanuts, and a used box." it could take a month to ship!:

"Shipping might take up to a month since it will be sent by ground mail since it is very big and heavy."

I messaged the buyer about all this, and all he would say was "these are very rare and almost impossible to find, they made less than a dozen, and in good condition, they sell for over $350, so this auction is very reasonably priced."

...hmm, if Crosman made less than a dozen, how come I have been about to buy/rebuild/resell over 30 of them in the last 3 years?

Here is another great auction on (also listed for sale on

NEW*Crosman 3357 Spot Marker - Paint Ball Gun : Paintball Guns at

(not even a real picture of the item, just a generic picture form the web)

I also contacted this guy, and offered him $150, (since his auction has been running for over 3 years and has not sold). His response was "these sell for $450-$500! and at the price of only $250 it's going to go quick!"

...hmmm... yeah "go quick" like the fact that it has not gone anywhere for over 3 years?

Gotta love peoples thoughts on the value of stuff they have...
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