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Originally Posted by deathsoldier View Post
Hear me out! Not allowing players to play with your group because of a round is not helping the group or the game of paintball grow either. i hope you have considered maybe changing rules that no one uses fs rounds to keep the playing field more equal. If you use them you get kicked. i had friends and players using fs rounds they didnt realize the impact on the little ones till after the games. We adjusted and everyone had fun. The most important thing about our sport is the players and fans. My research show the new rounds coming to the table will fix the issues everyone has with FS rounds. When all you care about is profit and stop caring about the customer you will fail and it will be shown in the future. I look forward to what paintball has evolved to. and everyday things are getting more exciting!!!
It's a private group, it's up to them who they allow to play in with their group as well as what equipment those they allow in are allowed to use. Simple as that. They decided it wasn't for them due to the age of some of their players.

Personally, that strikes me as a testament to the state of the game. It's sad that players are forced to make their own groups and play privately just to protect younger kids from the growing number of abusive players.

Those same abusive players will also be the biggest detriment to FS acceptance IMO.
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