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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
turning it in or out a little bit isnt going to explode anything.. when the gun is aired up, can you move the bolt and pin back and forth? or is there resistance?

the little peice of hot glue might have been a chunk of an o-ring, they break easily and a piece might have gotten away from someone, and ended up stuck.. wouldnt be the first tine

and if you have humphreys your noid should be connected to another piece, that is in turn connected to the body

thats a humphrey noid, and the black thing with 2 screws holding it, on the left side of it (in the picture) is the manifold

the mac just bolts right on

im not linking the pics because i just had to pay photobucket to be able to host again due to bandwith usage.. id rather not contribute to that honor for someone else

ok correction I have the MAC solenoid. Was working on my BLs and 2 projects and those have Humphreys. That might be true about the o-ring but it wasn't an easy press out. If I remember right it was pretty easy to slide it back and forth
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