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Stick feed / Stock class game at Jungle Island, Lake Elsinore - 6/29/13, Saturday

Sonny (opsonny) is organizing this game, I'm just making a post for it here.

Game will be June 29th at Jungle Island.
*Cost is 25 dollars and will be paid to Sonny upon your arrival as we register the group the morning of the 29th.
*We need 15 people to play.
*No paint, co2, air or rental is included in the 25 dollar price tag.
*Bring lots of water!! Going to be extremely hot!
Sonny is organizing this (not me).

Hopefully this link will work:

For the rules we are going to follow close to what Bryant setup for the last game. The main different Sonny is allowing small loaders (20rd) as long as they are fed by 10 rd tubes.

And copying Bryant's rules from the last game (thanks Bryant!):
-Must be pump operated (one pump one shot)
-12gr with horizontal feed (preferred )
-12gr with direct feed (stick or small hopper)
-Tank with horizontal feed
-Tank with small direct stick feed (10 rds or less)

Questions post here and Sonny or I will address them.

And here a couple of short clips from the last game:


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