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Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
What bearing does your perceived mishandling of the game by CPX have on Antonio agreeing to take the role of General then cancelling two days before the event based on lies, only to call back a few hours before the game to beg for a free hotel room and gas money, then hanging up like a dick when he met half way and offered more reasonable accommodations? He agreed to fill a role, do a job, take on a responsibility, accept an honor, and he failed to do so in a way that is disrespectful to literally everyone else involved.

When a field owner or event coordinator asks someone to be a General, they make the choice for very specific reasons. They want someone popular/famous enough in the community to draw a big crowd, someone with a means of widely promoting the event within the community, someone with a big personality and experience in the game. The experience is tailored to the General; I have enjoyed talking tech with Jack Rice and Tom Kaye, pounding beers with Bob Long and Greg Hastings, and ogling boobies with Nicky Cuba... All of whom do a great job of being over-the-top and fun while still fulfilling their promotional obligations.
Okay, I'll be a little clearer.
If CPX asks Bob Long to general, they're getting someone who knows how to general and understands that he agreed to 'fill a role, do a job, take on a responsibility, accept an honor'. Bob Long, whom I've set up a few feet from at the last two monster games and will again in a month(Generals are sometimes allowed to set up in our Merc Shack, the only building at HS) is a gentleman and representing himself and his business to boot.
The other names you mentioned and a bunch more I could add from HS were representing a team or company with possible repercussions afterwards. In addition, all have personal experience with paintball as a business, not just as a game.
Picking a young player with no professional paintball team or business experience as a general for a game that matters to the financial success of the field is, IMO, just a horrible decision, circumstances have proved me right in this case.
Good ole "experience in the game" was right there on your list and how anyone at CPX thought Antonio had it is beyond me. Bob long has had his own company longer than Antonio's been playing and Tom Kaye had AGD when Antonio was in elementary school.

As for a bunch of the rest, I simply misunderstood something. I took 'left the field to cool off' as a matter of tempers not core temperature.
Remembering 3 seperate incidents from LL5, I mistakenly assumed an altercation on the field. Knowing that was not the case makes all the difference. I've already said I won't defend paintball related behavior I didn't witness.

As for whatever remains after that, I shrug. CPX can find another shoulder to cry on. Not only did they get whatever benefit was to be had at the turnstile from Antonio, they now have all this controversy that'll have their name all over for weeks and a different general for next year. Boo-Hoo for poor CPX.

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