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Talking Let me tell you about Rodney!

I do not care what anyone says about any other company, this is the guy to deal with!!!

I found a Gargoyle frame almost 3 months ago. At first I did like the original dust olive green. But slowly my rare OCD started to kick to have everything match. Well at the time I knew about the anodizing, but never fully knew about it. So I figured out you could not anno stainless steel.

I messaged Rodney on here to see what i could so and he gave me some good tips on to try and remove the pin, I could not have countless tries and a burnt glove from the torch I sent him another message for help. He was more than glad to say yes on working on getting the pin out for me.

I knew we are both buys with our jobs/ lives at home. So l let him do his magic, a couple of week go bye; so I decided to see how he was doing. A couple of hours later he said, " It was putting up a good fight". I lol'd a bit then send him a reply saying, "take your time"

Another couple of weeks go bye, time to check in again. This time is reply was a bit different. "I cant get it out, But don't worry you'll have one soon". Now I dont know if me made me one, or if had a spare. But all I can say that I am greatfull for it. I get an email from him saying its on the way and should be here in about 8/10 days go bye. About 10/12 days go bye nothing shows up. Now I trust him 100% but my luck with usps is horrible (As I type this I have a Package stuck in Miami going in circles ) So I didnt freak out I figured it was at my post office. I called them and they said they didnt have it.

I sent him a message telling him the situation and jumps head first in to it to try and find it. He did find it at his post office, the messaged me telling me its back on the way!

I came home tonight and found it sitting on my table!!!!! I opened the box and found my new frame in there! Not only that but he gave me a shirt which was unexpected!

I just wanna say thank you, for you help, communication, and just being an awesome person to deal with in paintball!!

Mike Casady: "I believe that stock class showcases the skill of the player and structures the play to a more sportsmanlike game."
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