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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I'm sorry, but if that guy thinks he's going to get a round made with moving/expanding fins and be able to sell them at $0.10 apiece and do anything other than take a loss, he's out of his mind. At least if he thinks that one out of every 3 or so won't be so poorly made that they won't make it out of the box intact.

There's an old saying "if it sounds too good to be true"....

If Perfect Circle/Tiberius aren't getting rich off of a round half as complex at $0.40 per round, I have zero confidence something much more complex being made and sold for a quarter of the price.
I could be wrong but I suspect the .10 cent round is the recreational round and the expanding fin round is the match grade round which might just make the FSR look like an economy round.

Sadly, I have been reading Macy's FB page and it appears as if a certain company who produces specialized sniper rounds is litigating this just like Smart Parts did, claiming rights to ALL shaped rounds. Of course this is speculation, but if that is the case a monopoly has once again begun in the sport of paintball....too bad for us.


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