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Huh, I thought the majority of the day was pretty smooth, there was some bumps in the road

- At first we could not shoot over the tape line so there was confusion at the start especially by the chemical bunker by the north side of the field.
-> then we found out we could shoot over the tapline, so we did.

some of the choppers were kinda odd, when we went out the first time nobody gave us a "chopper pole" (we had the card and the mission, just not the pole) So we were told to turn around and get it, then halfway on our way back one of the guys on our line, his hopper fell off. he stepped 2 feet out to pick up his hopper and was promptly annihilated by Red players standing 5 feet away.
Then the ref came and just eliminated our chopper outright.

As for the "frozen paintballs/marbles/airsoft" thats a single players choice, NOT the teams, the Blue and the Red team members are not reflected by the choices of a few stupid guys. its a shame they did that.

I didnt know people were cutting tapelines, I know we were shooting over them (like i said, especially by that chemical bunker where there was a kink in the fields tapeline, but everyone was shooting over it anyways)

The Red team had some AWESOME players who kept playing all day, From my side. I noticed that once we started pushing hard, it seemed like every time I went back to the pits to grab my stuff, I felt like there was more Red armbands in the pits then the Blue's.
so big props to the guys who never gave up.

Anyways, Good review, Agreed on many points, I think the core players in the game really made it great.
-- sincerely a Blue
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