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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
Give Rod a call Monday morning. he can walk you thru it.

You can try this till then.

This is for the old style cam lever.The lever that has 2 pins plus a screw. It is possible to get that reversed if you took it apart. The new lever cannot be installed wrong.

Hoov: I'm almost positive its set up right

The nylon hex will strip really easy. It's best to take out the lug and then adjust the nylon screw. The further in the nylon screw the tighter the lug is to a certain point then lug will shear it off when screwed in again.

Hoov: I preformed this last week successfully with no prevail

The at cam screw is odd. It should tighten all the way down and bottom out.
You are talking about the screw that holds the lever on the pump arm rod?

Hoov: yep, my a/t lever makes my gun not fire if tightened down all the way

If it's binding the only thing I can think of is that the rod is out of alignment. If the rod was removed from the pump plate it has to be re-aligned perpendicular to the body.

Hoov:...thanks CCMachinist, I've had this gun for weeks and I've never got it to shoot smoothly or have the timing not bounce around. Is there anyway you can pm me with info on where to send it and about how much its going to cost me?

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