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Originally Posted by bond commander bond View Post
When I put a new capsule in at the field it wouldn't cycle the slide. Worked great at home ...
It sounds like your problem is mechanical and not pneumatic Bond. Check the trigger bar going back to the hammer mechanism, if it is bent, upside down, or sliding off the pin on the trigger assembly then that will cause you problems. Then check the tab on the hammer that latches to hold it down. If this tab or the tab that latches against it is worn down to much, then your hammer will not lock down to be released when you pull the trigger. The only fix for this is to buy another hammer. Be careful in the hammer assembly, and look over it well before you begin to take it apart so you can get it back together correctly. Another thing to check are those two black rubber seals on the outside of the valve. If one is swollen or folded over, it will be incredibly hard to pull the slide back, and if you get it back, the marker will not recycle the slide after you fire.
I hope this helps, let me know if that is not the problem.

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