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I've had a lot of luck with the Tadao Musashi 5 board in my Viking it's easy to program and offers useful modes. I've kept the Pandora in my Excal which and it has worked wonders for me - when I "upgraded" to a Tadao Ebisu it was unreliable and frankly barely functional. Tadao was unable to get it running right.

As for the frame, I think DM frames are pretty goofy looking on DMs... On Vikings I can't help but gag when I see them installed. That said, I think (most) Ego frames are pretty sharp looking on Egos and I think they look like hell on Vikings too. I love the stock 45 frame and I've seen just how light DC can make them, plus they stock a good variety of trigger styles. If you're dead set on a "new" frame I've seen people modify humpback ICD 45 frames which open up more trigger options and are very comfortable, plus they can be had for cheap.
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