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Laxpro69's Custom work thread

Well everyone, as some of you have seen in the shop talk thread I have been working towards machines and getting a little shop together for myself. I currently have about enough stuff to get some work started. I am not going to currently take any work just yet, I would like to have a little more practice and time on the machines before I get started. I am just starting this thread to show some of my work and show what I can do. First I will start with the machines I've got...

I have two lathes and a milling machine. I have yet to get myself an RPC big enough to power the victor, so that is another reason for my set back.

That is my hardinge lathe for smaller pieces, and my mill.

This machine just arrived on Wednesday, like I said I am waiting to power it.

I am in a tight spot for shop space (Ty would probably disagree!) but its enough space to get the job done. I have accumulated a good bit of tooling and some storage, so I am about ready to go.

As I have no CNC, some of the stuff I can do will be limited, but I will do my best do do what I can

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