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Mal's other rummage sale

Prices are shipped and paypaled withing the US. As all of this is used, it shows signs of wear.

CP ASA/rail, Gloss black - $25 for the set sold
Bottom line that came off my 93 cocker - $10 sold sold
2007(?) PE HPR, Dust black/blue. Has some wear, see detail pictures $30
Check it direct mount asa, Chrome - This one has seen some major use. See detail pictures. $13

As you can see, the chrome is flaking in spots. It also needs to have the stainless steel set screws changed out for a hardened set screws. I had trouble stopping it from wobbling because the allen key started stripping out the set screw. I changed out the one of the orings and it should work.

The goofus that sold me this neglected to show me that. As I recall, there are a couple of nicks on the other side, but this is the worst of it. It works fine, but probably needs to be cleaned.

Brass 90* What you see is what you get. $3

Sly barrel Kit; autococker threaded. I really hate to see this one go. Carbon fiber, dust clear backs, sizes .683, .686, .689. .692. It great shape considering the use it has seen. There is a nick on the .683 and a couple of blemishes on the .686 since those are the two I used the most. I will include the soft case. $75 sold

This is the barrel that came off my 93 cocker. I have no use for it either. $10

Don't like the price? Offer away.

Everything is used. If you want specific pictures, ask for them.

I ship as soon as I can. Home life and work dictate when I ship.

If you want to look, I have more feedback on PBN and ICDO.
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