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Halfblock/Midblock Services

Yes I have always offered the service, but I have always tried to not step on Jcurtts toes. I figure he was here first, its his territory.

In the past I have bought my half/midblock kits from Jcurtt and offered the service to friends/family/locals/etc

I understand Jcurtt is MIA.

I am out of stock on kits.

I would like to give Jcurtt a chance to get some kits produced, but if he doesnt respond in the near future (end of the month). I will look into producing my own kit AND offer the service publicly on our fine forum


Yes I offer the service
Yes I would like to chop EVERY autococker ever made, backblocks are a terrible terrible thing
Yes I am out of stock on kits
Yes I would like to make them
Yes I will give Jcurt a chance to get some made
Yes I will look into making my own

Depends on if I have to make my own kit, and what it costs me.

Not taking half/midblocks unless you DO NOT WANT A KIT right now.
I will gladly off the machining, but I do not have kits, and do not have an ETA on kits.

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